Design & Engineering

Pack4 offers in-house design, engineering and converting services to create innovative and effective custom packaging products. We are material neutral and work with a wide range of materials to design the best packaging solution for your product. Whether corrugated, plastic corrugated, foam or film, our design team will create the packaging you need.

Designed for Optimal Protection

We pride ourselves on our extensive manufacturing capabilities. Our diverse manufacturing techniques and state of the art machinery enable us to provide our customers with fully customizable options.

This approach allows us to design packaging solutions with materials that provide the most effective protection for your unique product requirements. We focus on aligning our designs with the specific needs of each packaging challenge, rather than forcing any one approach or material.

Sustainable Packaging Options

Pack4 is committed to offering packaging solutions that are both economical and environmentally responsible.

We go beyond recycling, offering a wide range of quality, reusable packaging options that provide long-term cost savings over single-use packaging. Our reusable packaging products include:

  • Plastic Corrugated Packaging
  • Transport Cases
  • Wood Crates
  • Custom Returnable Packaging Systems

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