Plastic Corrugated

Plastic corrugated is a versatile and cost-effective material used in many packaging and retail applications. Pack4’s innovative plastic corrugated solutions are designed and manufactured to protect a wide range of products from damage during shipping and storage from climatic, electrostatic, magnetic, contamination or mechanical issues.

Plastic corrugated materials have numerous applications and sizes but generally take the form of boxes or tubes which provide sealing, insulation, cushioning, bracing, support, blocking and stackable storage options. They are particularly useful in preventing damage or destruction of fragile items and equipment.

An effective plastic packaging product relies on the design of the container used. The essential qualities of any protective packaging container are that it must be crushproof, easy to assemble, lightweight and either recyclable or reusable.

Design of plastic corrugated containers takes into account crush resistance, burst strength, bending strength, impact resistance, shock absorption, component mass and tear resistance. The materials used in manufacturing these containers must meet design and customer specifications, and it’s critical that the design allows for stackability and conforms to volumetric requirements.

The Structure of Plastic Corrugated

The basic structure of plastic corrugated is a layer of fluted material sandwiched between two flat layers of plastic to create a board. Stronger boards may require multiple layers of flat and corrugated materials. Layers may be colored to meet customer requirements, while outside surfaces may be decorated and printed or coated in various protective materials.

At Pack4, we manufacture both standard and non-standard corrugated packaging, using paper or more customized products and incorporating a variety of preformed plastic corrugated materials.

Recent trends in the retail industry have seen increased demand for customized plastic corrugated containers that are displayed in store to improve efficiency and decrease handling costs, while still having aesthetic appeal.

Why Pack4?

At Pack4, we are plastic corrugated design and manufacturing specialists. We have developed a wide range of innovative plastic corrugated packaging to meet specific customer requirements, while limiting impact on the environment by providing reusability and recyclability. Our skilled designers and manufacturing team will provide you with packaging that gets your product from source to end user efficiently, safely and at the lowest unit cost.

The materials we use conform to a number of international ISO industry-specific requirements. Since international shipping regulations often restrict the use of reusable wooden containers and pallets, there is increased demand for quality plastic alternatives.

Plastic Corrugated Advantages

  • Durable
  • Reusable
  • Long service life results in lower total cost of packaging
  • High ROI
  • May be screen printed and labeled for easy identification
  • Excellent stability
  • Kink, impact and tear resistant
  • Moisture, weather and temperature resistant
  • Resists a wide range of chemicals
  • Lighter weight
  • Easy to clean
  • Provides a natural cushion for shock absorption
  • Free from corrosion and decomposition
  • Recyclable
  • Does not support mold growth

Pack4 stocks a wide range of board grades and colors, enabling us to provide quick turnaround for your specific packaging needs. We offer totes, storage containers, trays and boxes, all in multiple sizes and shapes.

Our plastic corrugated packaging may be customized for promotional, production, inventory, storage, material handling or returnable container applications. It has been used successfully in appliance, medical, pharmaceutical, ​automotive, food, moving and other industries.

Plastic Corrugated Sizes and Materials

  • Available in 2mm to 10mm thickness
  • Available in a broad range of sizes
  • Available in a variety of colors
  • Available with ESD (electrostatic discharge) protective, conductive material


Custom plastic trays are durable, rigid and economical. For use in inventory control, shipping or production control, plastic trays are a good alternative to corrugated, metal or vinyl trays.


Multi-site retailers and manufacturers often use returnable packaging systems. These systems allow for less waste and more efficiency in moving products between distribution centers, retail stores and manufacturing plants. Pack4 can design the packaging and also help implement the system for moving your product.


Our team often makes in-store displays using corrugated or plastic corrugated. We can design, print, manufacture and assemble your display, no matter how complex or how many colors. We can then handle the logistics and ship your display nationwide.

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